AMPLIFIERS: 2 vintage 70's Marshall 50 watt heads with vintage 1973 Marshall 4x12 bottoms,JCM900 4501 dual reverb, Marshall valvestate 10,Marshall 1x12 bottom,1960 Fender Bassman,1968 Fender Super Reverb,Fender Deluxe, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe,1954 Valco,1963 FBT Electronic PTP Italian 2x10,Gibson vintage GA-15 RVT,Lab Series 1973 L-11 with matching 4x12, SWR Bass amp w Hartke Bass bottom, 1969 Fender Dual Showman with matching 2-15 jbl d-130 bottom, 1968 Leslie M-16 guitar cabinet 1966 Vibrochamp w/provenance

GUITARS:7 Stratocasters2 Les Pauls 1979 Gibson ES335Gibson 1967 B25-12 (acoustic)Epiphone J200           (acoustic)1965 Kapa ES335 model1960 Dan Electro Bass1963 H45 Silvertone Late 50's Supro Lap slide guitar

EFFECTS:1970 EP3 Echoplex numerous pedals to include Anaolgman KOT Keely 4 knob compressor Eventide Modfactor Various Bass pedals Whipple Wah modvintage TRS-9

KEYS: Vintage Hammond A-100Vintage Leslie 145Leslie Combo preamp 145 Roland analog Juno 2

RECORDING EQUIPMENT: Logic X, vintage Mackie 24-8 Alesis adat HD24 numerous preamps and outboard

EFX  Featuring Drawmer and Joe Meek, FocusriteTascam cd-rw700Featuring dedicated headphone returnDrum Iso Boothand Live room

MICROPHONES:Neumann U87Neumann KM184Sennheiser MD421 (2)Sennheiser e609 (2)AKG D12 EShure Beta 52numerous SM57/SM58Shure S55 (modified SMBeta 58)Kam Ribbon R3various other large and small diaphragm.20+mic stands

DRUMS: Gretsch 5 piece Vintage Zildjian cymbals Ludwig hardwareLudwig Vintage Suprasonic

OTHER: Small club PA & DMX lightshow featuring40 pinspots, 8 Lasers and fog machinesvintage 8mm projectorVIDEO:Zoom Q4Alesis video trackMISC:Vintage 1954 Flxible local gig Bus 10X20 Tent